Hi! I am appearing (Elena Hexthorn) on Channel 5’s (U.K.) documentary series “My Secret Sex Fantasy” 7th September 2017 @ 11 p.m. (2300) Check it out! I won’t be talking about my books, I will be talking about a particularly strange fantasy I have always entertained. The interesting thing about this fantasy is that neither you nor I will ever know for certain if it will get fulfilled.

It was fun working with this production company. I got to tell them my fantasy and then a selection of psychologists and sexual historians analyzed it and allowed me to respond. They had a very difficult time pinning down what the fantasy meant because it was so unusual. But then, once you are involved with psychological concepts in advanced kink, maybe no one understands why you would find something fun. It’s not a subject you can just read up on and understand. You really need to live it, to understand it. The only thing we could all agree on was that it had elements of narcissism. I will be watching the action from twitter on the night @elenahexthorn

Very Kinky Girls by Elena Hexthorn on Audible : free when you sign up for the trial!

Meanwhile, here’s the second audio sample of my audiobook, “Very Kinky Girls”. I’m very excited that it’s going to audible. I learned a lot about the basics of sound editing and recorded and edited this myself. Audible had very stringent constraints and I breezed right through it. As you do, when you are absolutely determined to succeed in any undertaking. Very Kinky Girls the print version has had a few updates made to it. I noticed that since I wrote ‘How to Make Ghosts’ there were a few changes to be made with the grammar, as it improved vastly once the neural pathways in my mind started to hammer in the stringer elements of understanding grammar. The stories haven’t changed, I just made it easier for you o glide over the pages and allow you to become entrenched in the fantasies involving slave keeping, objectification, enforced latex cross dress, dungeon play, public exhibitionism, humiliation and all the other toys in the toy box that live in that book.


I will record ‘How to Make Ghosts’ in the same fashion after I have finished another project that is close to my heart and has been for the past three years. Look out for an article about me at Domination Nation which is coming out soon, I will post a link when I have one.

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And don’t forget I have a wishlist that is your job to fulfill! It’s entirely designed to either keep you out of (or get you into) a lot of trouble!

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