I sent out a large body of press releases about the book yesterday and am starting to explore the prospects of recording the short stories for audio. I have had elocution lessons in the past and learned a great deal from my RSC ‘Strict Duchess’ teacher (he was a man) that was my mercilessly entertaining TV presenting class last year in Covent Garden. The technical side is a bit demanding, they want this kbs or <em>that</em> length of audio. I will make a sample audio and see what the site finds acceptable. It’s good that maintaining silence is very good at my chambers. I used to broadcast from here to radio stations in the U.S. for fun. I used to be a regular guest on some of them as Mistress Hades. I loved it. Especially during session time. There’s nothing more nerve-wracking for a slave than to be ordered to speak on the radio for you. I do have a porny voice as well. I will appreciate the feedback if I put up a free sample of audio. It would be wonderful to get it perfectly right. There is a very mischievous side to me that would thoroughly enjoy reading out such a kinky book for audio. I promise I will try to do it deadpan. No, I definitely will!  It would be no fun otherwise. It would be interesting to know who would like to listen to audio rather than reading BDSM erotica via kindle, Ibooks or print . I think I could make it deliciously pervy. Have started to put the feelers out for translations of the book as well. If you are submissive and can write in another language perfectly. Get in touch. You might enjoy it.

Another thing about verified reviews. So far I have had 3 five-star real reviews. Thank you to those that made the effort. I have since learned that there is a whole huge business of paying people to write upbeat wondrous reviews about a book without the reviewer ever even seeing it. I can’t really think of anything worse. What about the reader? I am very emotionally attached to a lot of the writers I love. In the past, I have seen so much of the business of promotion being centred around sales and hype. People shouldn’t be treated like sheep. I really, genuinely don’t want to do that. Ultimately, I don’t write for vanity. This is not vanity publishing. Writing is something certain people are driven to do. I have woken up every morning from the age of 8 positively tortured, because I had not written a book. I realised in my 20’s that I didn’t have enough life experience to rally write anything useful. Then I went through about 10 years on and off of writing classes and ritual text evisceration. The thought of introducing all that fake hype in return for a few more sales. I don’t know how I feel about that. Bad, I guess.  So yes, I do need a few more verified, anonymous (if need be) reviews on amazon. Verified means the book has been bought and reviewed through amazon. Feedback helps a lot. It means a lot to me personally as well. I really want to fine tune the entertainment factor of my books. Do you want audio? Let me know!

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