The One and Only

Greetings from Maitresse Elena Hexthorn. I am a lifestyle Mistress and writer of BDSM erotica, amongst other things.

Although much of my writing deals in the realms of fantasy, vast amount of my stories are taken from reality and the way I have chosen to live my life, which is as a Mistress.

From my 20’s onwards, I ran a dungeon, bdsm clubs and am the organiser of London Fetish Fair. It is a very broad ranging event, that addresses as many different aspects of the kinky fetish lifestyle as I can possibly manage to invite to attend.

I have yet to meet my lifetime personal slave and perhaps this person could see some of my writing as a primer for what I might come to expect from them as my chattel and property in future.

When I ran my full-time dungeon, I specialized in bondage and domination, enforced cross dress, psychological domination, ownership, pet training, rope bondage, sensory deprivation, sexual blackmail, financial control, leather gloves, humiliation, exhibitionism, smoking fetish heel and boot torture, cbt and breath control.

In my private life, I ran to more extremes and am especially fond of stockings, lingerie, leather, psychological games, chastity and ownership as well as all of the above. I like to and will always try new things to see what they feel like.

I like gifts and presents. I appreciate them from time to time to remind me there are other people that are just as kinky as myself out there and it’s fun for me.

I hope you will enjoy my writing, and over time as new stories will develop you will have an insight into what kinky things I have been up. I like to write about what I know and what I have done. It’s better that way.

Yours truly for all things that are wondrously kinky,

Maitresse Elena Hexthorn