You can collect handmade mementos and examples of my fashion designs here. I enjoy making lingerie and alternative clothing in my spare time and doing stylist work. But if you are after something rare, specific or bespoke. Let me know.   Heatherydoune on Etsy

Greetings. The good news today is that I had my first review on for “How to Make Ghosts” What I liked so much about the review was that the reader was able to see far beyond the erotica side of the book and see so many references to the artistic sense of it. I actually thought it would be years before anyone “Got it” when in fact it took

Good News! My erotic anthology of Kinky Stories: VERY KINKY GIRLS will be out soon on audible via Amazon & Itunes!   You can sign up for audible and procure my very naughty BDSM book HERE Very Kinky Girls by Elena Hexthorn on Audible “Very Kinky Girls” is a collection of short, extremely dirty satirical stories. It is a debut sampler of seven tales of immensely kinky sex. The characters