How did you find the Domination life? I have been a lifestyle and professional Mistress since the 90’s. I have always loved the lifestyle. It’s been especially great from the start as I was able to engage with a lot of intelligent submissives and was involved in a lot of hands-on rope bondage. How have you come to find domination serving your needs? I found it a lot easier when

You can collect handmade mementos and examples of my fashion designs here. I enjoy making lingerie and alternative clothing in my spare time and doing stylist work. But if you are after something rare, specific or bespoke. Let me know.   Heatherydoune on Etsy

  I have recently made updates to a range of global, webcam, real time postal and otherwise domination services. This includes everything from beginners and novice training, smoking fetish, boot worship, confinement, photography services, alternative stylist and interior design. If you are interested in a very comprehensive control experience, there are a range of possibilities available. Just check out the dominatrix services tab.

Greetings. The good news today is that I had my first review on for “How to Make Ghosts” What I liked so much about the review was that the reader was able to see far beyond the erotica side of the book and see so many references to the artistic sense of it. I actually thought it would be years before anyone “Got it” when in fact it took

Hi! I am appearing (Elena Hexthorn) on Channel 5’s (U.K.) documentary series “My Secret Sex Fantasy” 7th September 2017 @ 11 p.m. (2300) Check it out! I won’t be talking about my books, I will be talking about a particularly strange fantasy I have always entertained. The interesting thing about this fantasy is that neither you nor I will ever know for certain if it will get fulfilled. It was fun

Good News! My erotic anthology of Kinky Stories: VERY KINKY GIRLS will be out soon on audible via Amazon & Itunes!   You can sign up for audible and procure my very naughty BDSM book HERE Very Kinky Girls by Elena Hexthorn on Audible “Very Kinky Girls” is a collection of short, extremely dirty satirical stories. It is a debut sampler of seven tales of immensely kinky sex. The characters

“HOW TO MAKE GHOSTS” by Elena Hexthorn This is not standard Erotica. Some bdsm books were built to last. This is definitely one of them. A lot of erotica is churned out in three months due to publishing deadlines. This took eighteen months to write. It was a carefully constructed piece of jewellery. It took as long as it took. I went where it needed to go. It has a

The Marquis De Sade wasn’t my first love, but he’s been an enduring one. Growing up I immersed myself in Edwardian gothic literature. I remember reading the horrors of Algernon Blackwood or W.W. Jacobs and thinking as an 8 year old: “I want to be one of them.” Of course, I am nothing like them. I don’t come from that time and there’s nothing to be done about it. As

PRESS RELEASE   Very Kinky Girls Erotica Book banned from self-publishing giant BookTango for being ‘Blatantly Pornographic’ Author defends book as harmless, satirical erotica and failure to publish the book is an infringement of the freedom of speech act.   London, U.K., May 15th, 2016 (eRelease) – Self Publishing House BookTango have cancelled Elena Hexthorn’s debut book of 7 tales of erotica entitled “VERY KINKY GIRLS” after citing it as

I sent out a large body of press releases about the book yesterday and am starting to explore the prospects of recording the short stories for audio. I have had elocution lessons in the past and learned a great deal from my RSC ‘Strict Duchess’ teacher (he was a man) that was my mercilessly entertaining TV presenting class last year in Covent Garden. The technical side is a bit demanding, they